Richfield City, UT – Off the Well Maintained & Beaten Path?!?

Jamasina and I set off on a road trip this past month to escape the wet conditions on the PNW. We did have a main goal in mind that was make it to Tucson for my son’s wedding. Big day for Trevor Tietjen after a 4 day easy drive from Snoqualmie Pass to the Sonoran Desert. Having moved up to the PNW from AZ/UT over 20 years ago, I was excited to see the many amazing sights that lay between the two locations. On our 2 day into our trip we found ourselves rolling towards Bryce Canyon, UT, but a piece of trail caught my eye on the side of a cool high desert hill, as we were rolling the on ramp out of Richfield, UT. As I wondered about the trail just seen, Jamasina was already in Trail Forks and confirmed with excitement, all the trails in this “off the beaten path” zone. We were using this special trip just to take in sights, see how differently people live outside of the PNW, and make a list for next Spring’s epic adventure.

Below is a video trying to capture some of the beauty and trail building skill this area hosts. BTW the up-trail we climbed was called Kiln-it (due to the old Kilns in the area), and was by far the easiest pedal to date, on my old Penny bike. Truly Amazing! The DH we took was Cairn-Age and was all time FUN!