Lookout Pass, ID – Skiing 2 States in One Day or One Run

A couple of us Snow Troopers wanted to see what the massive atmospheric river that drenched the Cascades, panned out in the Panhandle of Idaho. Turns out, they got a little rain mixed in, but nothing like the Cascades. However the gusts of wind turned things black for a few days. The morning we showed up, the stoke was high as we were heading for 4″ of fresh on a very skiable crust. The bummer part, was a crash on I-90 just a handful of miles prior to the world famous Exit Zero. We made the best of it by strumming my untuned guitar, that matched my out of pitch voice, in the slow lane of I-90. 🤣

Matt Sawyer – Lookout Pass Marketing Director

When we arrived Exit 0, we found a pretty large line to get the pre-ordered tix (because it was the Prez Weekend), but the line of day ticket holders moved quickly as did their lift system. Once on the mountain we found untracked POW on open slopes (at 11:30 AM!?!), and if you like the tress, WOWZA, this place is loaded with excellent glades. After exploring the mountain on our own we headed back down the base to connect with the Marketing Director, Matt Sawyer. He took us up and showed us some of the local secret slackcountry tricks and most of all share the news of the expansion which will double the ski area’s size. Eagle Peak is the name of the new playground, which will offer 1,650′ vert with 2 lifts and 14 runs. Work has begun and sounds like we can be lift skiing the goods off Eagle Peak in Winter of ’22/’24. Halfway through the vid we took a shot of the peak and the great sidecountry and or backcountry to be found right off the lift.

Coming soon, Eagle Peak – 1,650 vert with 2 lifts

After a perfect day, we rolled back towards our 7B getaway, took a quick drive through Wallace, ID to take in the historic town at dusk. Then chose to see what kind of dining options we could find on the main drag of Coeur d’ Alene. Too many great options, but our perfect choice was, Collective Kitchen! Roomy open space at the tables or bar, with fantastic tasting food at a very affordable price.

Collective Kitchen – CD’A, IDhttps://www.facebook.com/Collective-Kitchen-Public-House-148526638504741/