Hyak to Snoqualmie Pass, WA – Gold Creek Circumnavigation

Saturday (9/29/2018), I ran one of my favorite trails, that happens to be located in the front yard of the Snow Troopers home base! This one, I like to call the Gold Creek Circumnavigation, starts out one half of a mile before Laura Lake and finishes apx 21+ miles at the PCT North TH, on Snoqualmie Pass. I have always had great company on this big day and this time my company was my new running partner, Allison, who is newly transplanted from Louisiana. A few weeks ago, we ran the Enchantments’ through hike, so I was excited to see how Allison thought the Gold Creek Circumnavigation stacked up for views and challenging terrain. Unfortunately, I messed up my Gaia tracking, so I am bummed to have not captured the stats. However, I want to say it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 21 miles+ and apx 6K of vert. Either way, it’s a big day for this Snow Trooper and Allison had made the comment that it was harder than the Enchantment through run. We caught some nice Fall colors, along with views of the following lakes; Laura, Lillian, Keechulus, Rampart (5 lakes), Rachel, Lila (2 lakes), Alta tarn, Kachess, Parks (2 lakes), Joe, Lehma, Alaska, Ed, Ridge and Gravel. Great run that gives you a beautiful lake to view on an average of 1 per mile. Winter’s coming and the trail running shoes are about to get stashed ’til June… We hope! 🙂

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