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Icelantic Nomad 115 and 105 Lite

Apr. 12, 2017

Icelantic Nomand 105 Lite

I was super stoked to meet/ski with the founder of Icelantic, Ben Anderson, at this past SIA Copper Mountain”on snow” demos. The guy not only knows how to build wicked skis, but can also can carve the shit out of them too!!!

We were both riding the Nomad line, Ben was on the Nomad 115 and I was rocking the Nomad 105 LITE. Below are a few words from Icelantic in regards to the new “Nomad 105 LITE”

“The Award Winning Nomad 105 is Icelantic’s flagship model, best-selling ski and the foundation of the Nomad Freeride Collection. Its 105mm platform and bombproof construction, allows for great floatation and stability all over the mountain. This energetic freeride tool is best described as playful, surfy and most importantly FUN! Go ahead, see what everyone has been talking about and get on a pair! Handmade in Denver, CO and backed by a 3-Year No Questions Asked Warranty.
“(Icelantic Skis’ website)


Apr. 6, 2017

Always nice to run into a local friend, down at the SIA show, which is where I saw Steven Hoefgen at the Spacecraft Collective booth. Every year they come out with something cool I like, and not just because their logo with the Tucker snowcat, was created due to the old Tucker that was used at Alpental, be sure to see some words from Spacecraft below (wonder where that cat is today?). Side note: those cats are fast and can cruise sideways. 🙂


Spacecraft was conceived when a photograph of a snowcat was taken at the base of an Alpental backcountry run. That photo became the projection of the brand, the iconic snowcat logo that became synonymous with the Spacecraft Brand. Spacecraft’s products were born deep in the Cascades and created on the beaches and the mountains of Bali. The Spacecraft brand has always been about exploration, and to this day that idea remains the same. Wander, create, explore and wander some more.

Spacecraft has become a vehicle for art and cultural interactions. We mobilize design through the production of tons of stickers, t-shirt designs, beanies, caps, wallets, belts and new accessories inspired by our culture and our friends. Our work is a conscious communication to incite change. We show in galleries and work on collaborations around the world. Our goal is to make a difference while supporting a movement that is more than just a brand.

Spacecraft has always been about the process of making and experimentation. Though not always the quickest or easiest route, this method of interaction yields highly refined offerings of art and product. Our mission is to create things that we love and extend them to our culture. We hope you will love this next chapter of art and goods. It has been an adventure to create and bring this collection to you. (Spacecraft Collective’s site) 
Seirus – Hellfire Glove & Mitt

Apr. 4, 2017

Hellfire Glove by Seirus

FEATURES: New 3000 Ultra Battery.
Flexible Fusion™ Panels for All Over Warmth
Waterproof Zipper Pocket
One-handed wrist and cuff cinch.
Batteries and Charger included!
INSULATION: 280g HeatLock
INSERT: DryHand Windproof/Waterproof/Breathable
SHELL: Premium Leather/Softshell
PALM: ToughTek with Soundtouch™
Three Settings. Thin Battery. Hours of Heat.
Green – Low 12+ hours
Yellow – Medium 8+ hours
Red – High 4+ hours
The exclusive Flexible Fusion™ heat panel provides warmth to the entire glove back and wraps around to the fingers. Just push the button and BE WARM…ALWAYS.


2018 Dynafit Beast 108

Mar. 27, 2017

2018 Dynaift Beast 108

We caught up with Jamie Starr of Dynafit (which is hard to do with skis under his feet 🙂 ) at this year’s SIA show to check out the 2018 Dynafit Beast 108. Below is a short video with Jamie, prior to skiing a lap with this ripping and very knowledgable skier.


“The Beast 108 free touring ski is made just for powder specialists. Developers have focused on downhill performance: Full ABS sidewalls and the ash wood core ensure edge grip and stability plus torsional rigidity. Nevertheless, this ski at 1,750 grams (size 181) performs well as a touring ski for middle-distance and long climbs. To achieve this, developers put their focus on weight reduction while not decreasing ski performance — for example, with the use of premium materials and the reduction of top sheets. This ski has Double Ellipse Rocker construction. Its construction works with variable edge lengths — depending on the ski’s edge angle — and ensures optimum control and maneuverability in the backcountry. In addition, the “Ride Tip” — a carbon core in the shovel — optimizes vibration and damping properties.” – Dynafit.




Volkl “VTA 108” Freeride Touring Ski

Mar. 19, 2017

Volkl VTA108

Met up with Geoff Curtis of Volkl at this past SIA on the snow demos, to get a video review of the new VTA 108. Click on the video below for a quick look at the new edition to the “Freeride Touring Collection”.


The new VTA 108 enters Völkl’s freeride touring collection as a new ski dedicated to combining optimal climbing characteristics with great downhill performance in soft or variable snow. The 108mm waist is able to float in powder but is not so wide as to limit performance should things turn firm. It brings all of our touring technologies to bear, including a lightweight multi-layer wood core, touring optimized tip shape, and a carbon tip stabilizer. It also features the ICE.OFF top sheet, designed to keep snow from sticking and further optimizing weight reduction when the skier needs it most (Volkl website).




Deviation Skis and Snowboard

Mar. 18, 2017

Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works

Stopped by the “Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works” booth as their good looking skis caught my eyes! 🙂 Also, hey have a really cool custom plan for artwork on your skis and they are located in the PNW. Below are a few words about Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works along with the video review.

Deviation offers 100% custom, high-performance skis & snowboards handcrafted in Oregon from locally sourced raw lumber. Our location affords us access to some of the most knowledgeable woodworkers on Earth, allowing us to fine-tune the flex and response of our models with exotic, hand-laminated wood blends. With one of Mother Nature’s most varied testing grounds right in our backyard, every one of our skis and boards is run through the full gamut of conditions from windblown ice to waist-deep powder. Fully customizable artwork available on every model means you can choose from any graphic in our gallery, submit your own, or even work with one of our artists to create your one-of-a-kind dream setup – Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works.




’17/’18 Roxa R3 Review with Glen Plake

Mar. 1, 2017

Glen Plake showing off the ’17/’18 Roxa R3.

Caught up with Glen Plake at the end of this years SIA show to check out the new Roxa R3 Alpine Boot w/ Tech fittings. The Roxa team didn’t have my size at the show, but both Glen and his wife Kimberly are rocking and loving them. Looking forward to getting my feet into these super light boots made with “Gorilla Mead”, which was use for the shell so they could lighten up to apx. 1500 grams in a 27.5 modo.





Kastle FX and BMX Skis

Feb. 13, 2017

Chris Davenport always stoked to ski and man can that guy SKI!

This past SIA on snow demo, we spoke with Chris Davenport about some of the new boards in his Kastle Lineup. Chris is always pumped to talk the talk and especially walk the talk, or should I say SKI the talk! Myself, being a guy that loves to make backcountry powder ski touring vids, I always get excited to see a technical skier in front of my lens. Well, don’t need to tell you how stoked I get when I try my best to follow one of the most technical skiers my eyes have ever seen, all while keeping my camera steady as possible. Note to self always bring the helmet for the helmet cam, as this trip I left the helmet in WA. For the record the BMX line of skis is by far the best carving ski, I’ve ever carved on hard packed snow and not had a feeling of washing out in the apex of my turn.
Below is the short review/ski with Chris Davenport on his new Kastle FX and BMX skis… Check it and find a shop to demo them near you, you won’t be sorry!


TNT’s Dad, the Badass AZ “Old School Narc”

Mar. 21, 2015


Alright, here’s a very special post to me, that I’ve thought about probably a little too long. So here it is, first, most people know me as just a guy who loves skiing/friends more than most things in life. A lot of Alpental locs know my dad, Neil Tietjen, the same way. However, I do need to express how hard it was for me not to sound off about Ferguson, MO, but what I will say is, I was raised by a PEACE officer that would put his life (and has many times) on the line for you in order to protect and serve. I also have been heavily influenced by the close peace office friends of my father. The kind of cops that pull you over for a traffic violation (which he & they were uniform officers in the early days), that you know you were guilty of committing 🙂 , and with proper RESPECT (this video link Steve Harvey interviews Michael Brown’s mother and at 9:00 into the video he tells how he taught his boys to RESPECT peace officers, I was taught by my father exactly how to act in this situation. This came after the earlier days of teaching me not to touch the electric outlets or pet rattlesnakes 😉 ), BINGO, you get a warning and gained a friend that WE put their to protect us. OK, enough of that, now on to the real awesome father, protector, and now die hard skier (who is having a tough time this year just like all of us NW skiers). I grew up with the coolest dad ever, however, in school I wasn’t allow to share one of those many cool things about dad. Well those days have long since past, and having seen and snuck my closest friends a peek of his super detailed scrap book he put together many years ago, I started asking dad to write his stories down to share with the world. I wasn’t an easy thing to do, as my dad did not want to write a book for a bunch of reasons, and not because of the time involved. Well, lucky for me, he is one of the biggest supporters of The Snow Troopers and a couple years back, I spent some time over Northern Idaho skiing the Cabinets and Selkirks (doing it all based out of his pad and pizzeria), where I got a lot of chances to pitch writing the book. Next thing, I’m back home in WA and get a call from mom, telling me he has been in his office every morning writing!?!? Almost 600 pages later of hunting and pecking a keyboard (I told mom, never tell him of the audio software she could have let him know was on his computer, shortening his time in the office 😉 – my family is a bunch of jokesters and we laugh very HARD when together), his book “Old School Narc” was completed! It made me tear up to receive the news. So that being said, please help support The Snow Troopers by purchasing and reading about the BIGGEST supporter of The Snow Troopers, my dad, Neil Tietjen… A real badass that always “Lives to Ski Another Day”.

Here a look at the back cover and press release & and most of all the AMAZON LINK:



Retired 34 year law enforcement veteran Neil Tietjen has written a first-person account of his harrowing experiences as an undercover narcotics agent with the Tucson Police Department and Arizona Narcotics Strike Force. “Old School Narc” details the escapades of Tietjen and his fellow agents as they pioneered undercover narcotics investigations from the back alleys of Tucson, AZ across the vast, dangerous and inhospitable areas along the U.S./Mexican border.

Tucson, AZ – In the 1970’s, while Neil Tietjen was serving as a Tucson Police officer, Arizona’s location on the international border to Mexico earned it the dubious distinction of being the #1 drug import capital of the United States. In an effort to eradicate the flow of illicit drugs into the country while eliminating the crimes and violence accompanying them, a select group of agents chosen from various statewide law enforcement agencies were brought together to form an elite Narcotics Strike Force that was the first of its kind in the nation.

Tietjen, a native New Yorker and Marine Corps veteran who had served in the Viet Nam War, was one of the initial agents chosen for assignment to the new interagency Narcotics Strike Force. In “Old School Narc”, Tietjen chronicles in pulse-pounding, heart-wrenching detail how he and his fellow agents covertly infiltrated the southern Arizona drug culture and successfully conducted undercover drug investigations throughout both urban and wilderness landscapes without their true identities ever being uncovered.

In that pre-internet, pre-cellphone and pre-law enforcement technology era, Narcotics Strike Force agents investigated and pursued their prey, ‘Old School’; succeeding in their missions and staying alive with little more than their wits, disguises, guns, and massive amounts of tenacity and courage.

“Old School Narc” provides an insider’s view of what it was like for Tietjen to live and work behind the badge; leading parallel lives among heinous drug traffickers to whom violence and death were simply the tools of their trade, while never sacrificing his humanity, integrity or sense of humor in the process.

“Old School Narc” can be purchased on and through the University of Arizona Bookstore. The author is available for interviews and speaking engagements upon request. “Old School Narc” can also be followed on Facebook.




Bergans of Norway Bladet Jacket

Feb. 15, 2015

 width=Check out the brand new “Bladet jacket” by Bergans of Norway. Below are a few words from Bergans of Norway in regards to the “Bladet jacket” along with a short video.

Lightweight, heat insulating and soft jacket specially developed for ski touring and mountaineering. Insulated’s outer shell is windproof and water-repellent and insulated with a heat-boosting wool blend with high wicking and temperature-regulation properties, including if the garment gets wet.




Bergans of Norway Istinden Backpacks

Feb. 4, 2015


 width=Take a look at the well thought out, Instinden backpack. Below are a few words from Bergans of Norway in regards to the “Istinden” backpack(s) (18L, 26L & 34L).

Istinden 26 L is an innovative and stylish ski touring pack. It employs a secure solution for diagonal ski carrying on the way up and quick and simple access to avalanche safety equipment via an external pocket on the way down. It also has an athletic design that makes it an excellent fit even when you’re making a fast turn.
Istinden is part of Bergans’ Slingsby range, which consists of ski touring and mountaineering products in which superior functionality, low weight and premium durability are perfectly balanced. Slingsby provides exactly what’s needed with nothing surplus to requirements!





Bergans of Norway Storen Jacket

Feb. 2, 2015


 width=Great look and waterproof. Below are a few words from Bergans of Norway in regards to the “Storen” jacket

Light and uncompromising 3-layer shell jacket made from Dermizax®NX material for maximum weather protection, outstanding breathability and maximum freedom of movement. Storen is part of Bergans’ Slingsby range, which consists of ski touring and mountaineering products in which superior functionality, low weight and premium durability are perfectly balanced. Slingsby provides exactly what’s needed with nothing surplus to requirements!




Dalbello Sherpa 5/5 I.D.

Nov. 6, 2014


 width= Below is the 2014/2015 Dalbello Sherpa 5/5 I.D. randonnee boot review from this past SIA show. A lot of thought has gone into this boot, that I happen to use year round on or off of the lifts to drive my beefiest skis through the super deep pow or my carve lightweight Summer set up on the PNW volcanoes during the “off” season. Both lines of the Sherpa boots are outstanding for the walk up hill and are TOP shelf when it comes to the downhill FUN part (which is why most of us climb up in the first place). One of my ski heroes who is a wealth of knowledge, Glen Plake has put a lot of time in and into the development of these two ski boots, so it is no wonder how functional the 5/5 and 2/8 are, from the vibram sole that wraps up and around the arch of boot on both sides giving superior traction as you walk over talus fields (something I do very often for 6 months a year) to the special hinge in the boot tongue that allows for a long walking stride with out the torque on the knees.

Here are a few words from Dalbello’s site along with the video review below: Dalbello’s most popular crossover AT/Backcountry/Freeride boot, the Sherpa 5/5 provides all the power and performance to drive even the widest and long est power skis on or off piste. Super lightweight contruction and double Hinge Bio-Stride tongue for functionality superior uphill treks as well. Improved ID Thermo innerboot construction, more forward inclination replaceable 2 tip and tail “ Vibram sole sections.




Gurney Goo -Easy Fix For Friction Hot Spots

Dec. 16, 2013


Bring Gurney Goo on your long adventures

Here’s a product I was stoked to get my hands on, Gurney Goo, to apply on my problem “hot spots” that I get on my super long Summer trail runs and those huge randonnee ski tour days in the Cascades. I used the words “hot spots”, because this product can be used as prevention for many types of wounds from high activity abrasion from running, biking, swimming etc. I guess the best scenario to get the point across, would be the “Tough Mudder” competitions, where you might have to muck through a mud obstacle then run for miles after that with mud between you thighs acting as an eighty grit (if you’re lucky) sandpaper. My problem is similar; so an hour before I did one of my last “Fall” runs, I applied the Gurney Goo to my thigh areas, where they typically start to chaff around 15 miles into a run (I wear ¾ long johns due to 2 big burly knee braces on each leg, which adds to the abrasion factor after a long distance run or a huge day ski touring). Well I have to say, I didn’t think about the Gurney Goo on my last 20+ mile run, which is a GREAT thing because I run and ski tour so can free my mind, not imprison it by focusing on a progressing bad issue/hot spot. So in other words, I had no chaffing issues and maybe this is the edge I need to get my Summer runs into the 30 mile zone. A short week later, the snow hit and the ski touring began. I used it recently on a large day to Silver Peak (up here on Snoqualmie Pass, WA), wondering how it would work in the below normal temps (Summer runs are hot and sweaty and Gurney Goo acts as lube). Again, no thoughts of my issues in the super cold temps (good thing). But my dog was having a rare problem: from what I thought had something to do with the low snow pack allowing all the moisture from the earth through the very cold and dry snow, giving Trooper Dog (what I call) “stingers”. Every 100 yards he would stop and hold up his paw(s) as if he had cactus or a thorn stuck. However, it was the snow binding to his hair within his paws. I could tell it was hurting him quite badly on his tender underside between his pads and we thought of turning back. Then, after a dozen times of stopping to clean his paws, I had the idea of trying the “travel size” (not much bigger than chap stick) Gurney Goo on Trooper dog, which I had loaded in my pack for MY own personal emergency use (in case I forget to apply at home from my large container, before heading out for a huge day). Long story short, I applied it to Trooper Dog’s paws and that was the last of the “stingers”.

TNT applying the travel size packet of Gurney Goo to save Trooper from the stingers – Snoqualmie Pass, WA

If you think you are an ultra athlete but really aren’t, like myself, but have real ultra athlete issues from feet, nipple, armpit, thigh areas… This product is for us! Also be sure to take a look at the video trip report where my friend caught me using the Gurney Goo on the pup in need. Also friend theGurney team on facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest!

below is a short video where both Trooper dog’s and my day were made better with Gurney Goo – Snoqualmie Pass, WA



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received GurneyGoo for free from Gurney Gears as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

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