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The Snow Troopers are based at Snoqualmie Pass, WA – the home of Alpental, Summit Central,  Summit West and Hyak ski areas. We’re a not for profit group of ski enthusiasts who are all about sharing backcountry, sidecountry and freeriding experiences. By building this site, we hope to bring together a global community of snow sports enthusiasts who desire to share or seek information about the mountains, alpine touring and freeskiing/riding through rich media. We encourage everyone to share their knowledge and perspectives so this can become a central resource for backcountry and freeriding videos, trip reports and gear reviews. This site is still in its early stages of development so until we have our user submissions running, please visit The Snow Troopers on Facebook to submit videos and trip reports and by all means, please friend us and spread the word.  Without your support and that of our product sponsors, this site and our trip reports would not be possible.

Our adventures on snow follow the mantra of Live To Ski Another Day – the idea that pushing it is important, but staying safe is just as. So, although we seek backcountry adventures, we’re not adverse to getting our turns in bounds when we’re limited by the conditions.   Some of us Snow Troopers ski for a living, others wish we could, but what brings us all together is the fact that we have and always will: live to ski.

The Snow Troopers are always looking for like-minded skiers and boarders to join in on the fun. So, if you’re headed our way, or need company on the mountain, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy the site.

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  1. July 28, 2017

    Judith P Paquette

    Thanks for the posting regarding Shaun Mauer. He was a fantastic student at Bellevue College and really made a huge turn around from his earlier years at Mt Si, etc. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and he always returns for Alumni Night in May, where we saw him recently, May 24th, 2017. We are deeply saddened by his passing. Shaun always paid it forward. If there is any formal service for him, I’d like to attend.


  2. July 24, 2017


    What happened to Shaun? I was a friend and no one seem to know. Thx!

  3. May 16, 2017

    Hi, Tim,
    Judy and Steve Roberts — Adam’s parents — suggested I contact you, after I spent 5 hours with them last weekend.

    My name is Chris Solomon. I live in Seattle. I’m close friends with Scott Schell, from years back. I’m also a contributing editor and contract writer for Outside magazine, among other places.

    I was down in Randle with Steve and Judy because they were anxious (if also a bit nervous) to tell Adam’s story–the good and the bad of his life and how it intertwined with the mountains. I would like to write a long story about his life, and his struggles, and also how skiing and the mountains fit into all of it.

    As a life-long skier myself, who feels pretty strongly about the Cascades (they are why I moved out here, just after school, 20 years ago), a lot of Adam’s story resonated with me. And I want to understand his story as much as I can–which means talking to everyone I can, to hear everything they want to tell me about him.

    I’ve already met for several hours with Russell Cunningham, and Corey Warren, and I plan to speak with Jason Hummel as soon as our schedules coincide.

    But (depending on where you are) would you have any time to meet for a coffee or a beer sometime soon, or else get on the phone? If you wanted to tell me about your friendship with Adam, I’d like to listen.

    I’m out Wed-Fri, over in the Methow — trying to get some sunshine. But I’m free later next week, and beyond.

    I look forward to catching up, Tim. I’ve heard your name thru Scott for a long time.

    Chris Solomon
    347-556-6364 cell

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