If you live on the Westside and want a sunny hike or run while it’s raining in the Puget Sound, head for this beautiful trail.

We have always seen fantastic photos of this race by Glenn Tachiyama, and this year TNT skipped the 4/20 ski at Alpental for a little 4/20 High Desert Fun. This is a tough one as I’ve been told the legs were quite sore the next few days, and TNT only ran 10-15 miles in film mode. Our good running buddy from Louisiana (who has multiple 100 mile race buckles), wanted to test herself in the mountains for a 50K and found this run to be tough, especially with the short cut-off times. Next year, we’ll all might have to try to complete this brutal run, with super steep climbs and descents (I’ll focus on the 25k 🙂 ).

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