Great day on Mt. Rainier’s Muir Snowfield… Above the clouds.

Great day walking and skiing with my homie, Jerad Merbs! Always a good day when we get out to ski and this adventure led us to the Paradise parking of the Mt. Rainier National Park. Between Longmire and Paradise, the rain chnaged over to snow, which we walked in all the way below Pan Point. Super cool to walk out of the snow into the full sunshine. EPIC! There were only 3 skin tracks in front of us, and a few ski skinners behind us and besides one military training mission. Other than that, the mountain was quite. I shouldn’t say quiet, because there happened to be a sheet of ice over all of the rocks at Camp Muir that was popping off in the warm sunshine. Trippy sounding, like glass shattering!

Our ski was excellent, however we could have missed 500′ of thick pea soup, if we would have stopped at Moon Rocks or peeled off onto the Paradise Glacier (like we noticed Carl Simpson doing as we were walking by Anvil Rock).

All in all it was a perfect day and even if it weren’t, a “bad day of skiing is still better than a good day at work!”

Think big SNOW and remember, “Live to Ski Another Day!”


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