Mountain goats… Everywhere, throughout the high zone.

Last Saturday (9/8/18), the rain was falling here on Snoqualmie Pass, WA, as I’d figured. So, I loaded up the wagon, and rolled East, towards Leavenworth. Met up with Doc, where we had decided to try our luck getting through the Enchantments in a day (as a permit is needed to overnight, and they are quite hard to obtain). We had planned for 12 hours, which we’d found would have been an excellent hiking pace, as we completed the run in 9.5 hours (which gave us apx three 10 minute breaks). Seeing droves of hikers on the 18 mile stretch of trail, I now understand why permits are required for this section of the Cascades. This Snow Lake zone will definitely, give our Snow Lake on Snoqualmie Pass a run for its money, in regards to volume of hikers. If you do this epic trail, do it MID-WEEK.

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