Moving thru the old growth on the way to Mirror Lake.

The Mirror Lake hike or trail run from the Windy Pass TH, just may be my favorite “close to home”. This trail is apx 4 miles of perfect gain and loss that leads to one of the beautiful alpine lakes, just South of I-90. Always being that guy (in my younger dayz), running was very low on my list (unless downhill, coming back from a hike), however, this trail got me hooked and the up. I did learn a lot about ultra running, 4 or 5 years ago, watching Seth Swanson setting the current “Cascade Crest 100 Endurance Run” record @ 17:56 (breaking the former time of 18:27). What I learned from Seth, was on my run to Mirror lake and beyond, I would run everything, but Seth would power hike all of the steep sections I would run. My goal, was always to keep strong for skiing and ski touring. Yesterday, was my first time actually running with a 50 mile ultra runner (that is ready to step it up to the 100 mile mark), Lisa Green. Lisa is a new local to Snoqualmie Pass (that has always run up here though) and we took our first run yesterday to mirror lake with a couple of bonus tarns too (that you’ll have to find on your own, but you can figure it out 🙂 ).
Below is some of the clips from our Mirror lake and bonus tarns run. Enjoy and get out on your own adventure, ASAP!

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