Jen Tell walking up to the salted snow.

Friday, 8/31/2018, was my last chance to keep my crazy (at sometimes) streak alive… This past holiday weekend was one of those times I’d wondered what this Snow Trooper was doing, trying to find somewhere to ski. On the last day of the month, it doesn’t matter what the conditions are, rain, sideways snow or shine, you have to “JUST DO IT”! So, on the very last day of August, I was thinking I’d just head up to Rainier and slash the Paradise glacier, but I had a local friend that was heading to Mt. Hood for a combo of skiing and mountain biking. I ended up jumping on board, loaded the wagon and rolled South towards Timberline. Jen Tell and myself arrived just in time to claim a camp spot, rally to the ski area and walk up just below the mid-way station (below the Palmer snow patch, that’s right it’s nothing more than a patch of snow). It is very sad to think if the slope was not heavily salted, it would surly be dirt, by now. Very sad sight! 🙁

We caught the last 10 minutes of the Sunset, soaked it in then skied the frozen vein of snow back to the Miracle Mile top station.
Below is a short video of linking 191 months of skiing… Bring on the Winter!

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