Tim slogging his way up the White Salmon. Photo/Robert Bolton

Tim and I were moving on the snow by 5am and by first light we were making good progress up a well laid skin track on the White Salmon Glacier. Snow conditions looked more promising than expected, with decent snow even in lower elevation. Certain aspects were wind effected, but we didn’t see any signs of a sun crust.

We reached the summit at noon, and my first turn off the ridge into the gully on the summit pyramid convinced me no more turns were needed until we encountered softer snow. I joked with Tim that I straight lined the gully – except my skis were perpendicular to the slope rather than parallel and my top speed never got above 3mph. Out of the gully, the snow softened, and we opened it up and had some nice turns on the Sulphide Glacier. We found nice pow on Winnies Slide and most of the way down the White Salmon until about 4,000ft where it turned to mush.

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