Ragnar… A super fun, loose running and DRINKING event.

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Ragnar event at Crystal Mountain. Super cool event made up of mostly 8 person relay teams, I’d compare to Softball aka baseball for drinkers :-). It’s a super loose event where most people (myself included) have no idea how long their lap took, but more worried about the fact that hydration happened with beer and in my case DRU BRU. Oh yeah, the hardest part is waking up sometime in the middle of the night to do a leg, I was lucky mine was the green leg (3 miles). The video below is a mash up of my Yellow and Red trail laps. My green lap was ran around 3AM so I left the cam. The Yellow lap was a base area to gondola, and the red lap was from the gondola to the base area. Both were easy trails, but when pushing it for the Ragnar makes it a little bit of work, but fun!

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