Tim Souquet, in radio contact with Jeff Rich, prior to Carl Simpson dropping the summit.

Last weekend, a nice sized group met out in the Teanaway Valley for an early Cascade corn harvest. After putting their eyes on Mt. Stuart during Saturday’s ski day, Jeff Rich, Carl Simpson and Tim Souquet all decided to go for Ulrichs Couloir. I was quite impressed, first with the backcountry party/light show that kept these three up to midnight+, then the fact they managed to summit and ski before 1PM (starting apx a mile before the TH).

Below are a few words from Jeff in regards to the super long, sweet ski…

Skied off of the summit at 1:00. There was a little concern of some hidden slab potential, as there were a few natural releases that had occurred on the summit face, most likely the day prior. Booting up to the summit, pole probes indicated that the snow was good to go, on the skier left of the face.
Fast running sluff, but easy to manage.

There is a pretty good runnel at the dogleg, but can easily be navigated around. We skied down to the waterfall terminus, for desperately needed water, and boot packed back up a few hundred VF to the skiers right exit. where a fun, short gully drops you out on to the fan.
Was able to ski all the way to Ingalls Creek.
Snow was pretty much good top to bottom.
Go get it!

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