Always nice to run into a local friend, down at the SIA show, which is where I saw Steven Hoefgen at the Spacecraft Collective booth. Every year they come out with something cool I like, and not just because their logo with the Tucker snowcat, was created due to the old Tucker that was used at Alpental, be sure to see some words from Spacecraft below (wonder where that cat is today?). Side note: those cats are fast and can cruise sideways. 🙂


Spacecraft was conceived when a photograph of a snowcat was taken at the base of an Alpental backcountry run. That photo became the projection of the brand, the iconic snowcat logo that became synonymous with the Spacecraft Brand. Spacecraft’s products were born deep in the Cascades and created on the beaches and the mountains of Bali. The Spacecraft brand has always been about exploration, and to this day that idea remains the same. Wander, create, explore and wander some more.

Spacecraft has become a vehicle for art and cultural interactions. We mobilize design through the production of tons of stickers, t-shirt designs, beanies, caps, wallets, belts and new accessories inspired by our culture and our friends. Our work is a conscious communication to incite change. We show in galleries and work on collaborations around the world. Our goal is to make a difference while supporting a movement that is more than just a brand.

Spacecraft has always been about the process of making and experimentation. Though not always the quickest or easiest route, this method of interaction yields highly refined offerings of art and product. Our mission is to create things that we love and extend them to our culture. We hope you will love this next chapter of art and goods. It has been an adventure to create and bring this collection to you. (Spacecraft Collective’s site) 

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