Above the clouds on Granite Mountain.

On December 26th 2017 Andrew, Tyler, Thomas, Tristain, and Stefan skied from the Granite Mt. Trailhead to Alpental. We followed the Pratt River trail aways before turning uphill to pt 5566 to the NW of Granite. From there we skied down the NE shoulder and got ourselves into a spicy spine zone that would have been epic with better snow. A lurking crust layer led us to all billy goat down the steeps except for tyler who sent it first and took a good tumble.

The route.

A short ski from there brought us to the Tuscohatchie Lake where we climbed the SW face of Low mountain. What looked like maybe passable trees quickly became too steep to skin. Tyler found us a way up a nice chute to higher ground where we were able to make some steep switchbacks to the summit.

Looking down into Denny creek from the summit at 3 pm we couldn’t see our whole line because of a thick cloud filling the valley. We rolled the dice and hoped the couloir fall line from the summit had enough snow and pointed our skis downhill. The couloir turned out to be awesome with fun features the whole way down to the valley floor.

Originally we had planned to skin to the Bryant Col and ski the Bryant Couloir, but we spied a skin track leading up to Great Scott Bowl. With little daylight left we happily opted to take the already broken trail. We finished the day with a headlamp ski down through the alpental backcountry at 5 PM and then headed to the Dru Bru to celebrate.

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