Shaun Maurer,
Son, brother, friend, leader and Alpental ski legend. Shaun lived more in 33 years than most live in a lifetime.

I can’t believe we’ve recently lost another good friend and amazing Snow Trooper. Shaun Maurer passed this past July 1st, 2017. His death took all of us by surprise, and yesterday about 30 of his dear friends and family, gathered at Jay & Laine/Ryan Kelly’s compound to celebrate Shaun’s life.
Karter Riach and myself started gathering footage from our archives, along with footage from Jerad Merbs, Mark Erickson and Jay Kelly, to put an edit together for yesterday’s gathering in Issaquah, WA. Please take 10 minutes of your day to honor Shaun and watch some of the great times we all were blessed to share from time to time. He was larger than life!

We all knew Shaun as an amazing skiing athlete, but he excelled in everything he set within his sights, from football, running, biking, school, business and being a very caring friend to his inner circle. As I’d mentioned, Shaun is the 3rd Snow Trooper taken from us in the past six months and the words below that Jerad Merbs posted on my personal fb page, said it well, along with bringing me to tears.

“Everyone knows Maurer was the King of Alpy! Leader of the pack for sure and so fun to ski with. He’s the only one that ever complimented me for my ability and actually wanted to ski with me. That meant so much to me coming from him, he made me better. So graceful in so many ways except when addressing pushy ski patrol. I’ll never forget it. Love you bro, we’ll catch up on that ski planet I dream of. With the rest of you bad asses already there.. It’s as if God is gathering his warriors, and Shaun is a General.” – Jerad Merbs (7/8/17)

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2 Responses to “Shaun Maurer… An Alpental Legend!”

  1. July 27, 2017

    Dirk Hansen

    I had the pleasure of coaching Shaun in football. One of my favorites of all time. Queen right, trap left =
    Mauer for 6!

  2. July 20, 2017


    Thank you for this video. I only knew Shaun a for a few months before he passed, and never got to see this side of him.

    He will be missed.

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