Chris Davenport always stoked to ski and man can that guy SKI!

This past SIA on snow demo, we spoke with Chris Davenport about some of the new boards in his Kastle Lineup. Chris is always pumped to talk the talk and especially walk the talk, or should I say SKI the talk! Myself, being a guy that loves to make backcountry powder ski touring vids, I always get excited to see a technical skier in front of my lens. Well, don’t need to tell you how stoked I get when I try my best to follow one of the most technical skiers my eyes have ever seen, all while keeping my camera steady as possible. Note to self always bring the helmet for the helmet cam, as this trip I left the helmet in WA. For the record the BMX line of skis is by far the best carving ski, I’ve ever carved on hard packed snow and not had a feeling of washing out in the apex of my turn.
Below is the short review/ski with Chris Davenport on his new Kastle FX and BMX skis… Check it and find a shop to demo them near you, you won’t be sorry!

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