Andrew Eckels, looking down the Zipper Chute at Twin Lakes.

This past Monday (4/3/17), Andrew Eckels, Jacob Mandell and Andrew Pringles landed in the Hyak parking lot around 8AM or so. Then skinned for Silver Peak, via a short ski down Hidden Valley, on the way. When they hit the Summit of Silver Peak, there was a massive cornice that kept them of the SE face. The crew decided to play it safe and ski the ridge line then, drop down towards the PCT. After that ski, the boyz rolled up toward the Zipper Chute, where they found some gnarly dust on crust at the entrance(which if Andrew left the audio, you would have herd Jacob giggling and calling it survival skiing as Andrew scratched his way down the chute) that became nice skiing lower down the chute. Check out the sweet edit, Andrew Eckels banged out yesterday of their adventure.

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  1. April 13, 2017

    Super dope guys!!!! Thanks!

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