Andrew Eckels in the slot for lap #1.

Hot lap with John Adams, who is the co-owner of the Glacier Ski Shop, located in Glacier, WA. If you’ve ever made the journey to the one of a kind, Mt. Baker ski area, you would have passed through Glacier, which is the Gateway to the ski area.

I met John years ago during a trip to ski on the actual Volcano (circa 2004- Feb), Mt. Baker, and my bro Dale had been shooting the breeze with John (in his ski shop) as I made my way North from Snoqualmie Pass. Dale Boehm, who’d grown up exploring the BC in that area for years, let me know John had a lot of knowledge, as they compared notes of past trips. Well, a bunch of years later Adam Roberts (RIP) came into my life. As Adam and I shared many adventures in the short time he showed me how to live, he often spoke of John Adams, helping him (Adam) as an athlete and always speaking of his incredible skill climbing and descending BIG mountains. I happen to know this first hand, because the trip years ago in Feb, I captured John climbing and skiing Grouse Ridge (outside Glacier, WA) like a BEAST! The dude is really a monster, but a kind one as you’ll find out when you stop into the “Glaicer Ski Shop”. 🙂 As you can see, he happens to like groomers too!


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