Andrew Eckels in the slot for lap #1.

On Friday April 21st Andrew Eckels, Stefan Knorr, and Rob Bolton met at Snoqualmie Pass for a tour we all had fairly low expectations for. We’re in the thick of the transition period between winter and spring and the snowpack has been pretty isothermal. Telemetry indicated there might be some good snow in high north facing chutes so we ventured up towards the Slot to see what we might find.


Topping out at 8:30 AM we were delighted to discover the slot was filled with 8 inches of untracked stable powder!! The snow was creamy and skied bottomless and smooth! After digging around and ski cutting the slope we dropped in and were blown away that we were skiing steep powder in late April at Snoqualmie Pass!


Stefan sniffin’ out the good on Snoqualmie Mtn.


Initially we had only planned to go for one run but our lap was so good and it was still so early we decided to head back up and check out the Snot, a couloir to the lookers right of the slot. We got on top of it and found many cornices baking in the sun and overhanging the run so we decided to bail and go for another lap on the Slot instead. Our second lap skied just as well as our first and we hooted and hollered the whole way down. The exit ski back to the car was a slow sticky leg burner but we were too stoked on our day of epic steep skiing to care much. We capped off the day with beers at the Dru Bru with TNT!


Check the video for great stoke on April pow skiing! There may still be some more days like this before May!


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