Last Chair @ 5420′, in the heart of the Central Cascades.

A couple of days ago (Sunday-4/9/17), we saw a mix of weather from 5420′ to 3140′ above sea level, in the heart of the Central Cascades. It truly was a “Spring Conditions” (aka variable) day at Alpental, spending most of the day riding the corn, lapping chair 2. However, in between the sun breaks, that kept the snow soft in it’s variable way, we did see cold snow falling, off and on all day. It was a quiet day for locs, and the “last chair” group of Alpentalics (seen above) got to take it all in, as the clouds finally lifted. Deanna and Randy Aadland (an awesome true blue Alpental couple, had their daughter, Vanessa, return from an Epic LONG trip to Guatemala. So, I was stoked to actually meet her and ski with all three of them (maybe someday her two brothers as well). Our last lap in the bc, proved to be very testy but super fun! Another fantastic day in the home zone.
Live to Ski Another Day!

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