Pre-Race beacon check, by Martin Volken

2017 was a great year for the classic Vertfest race at a little hill known as Alpental. A couple inches of snow came just in time to cover up the gnarly rain crust that had developed before the race, and for the first hour the sun shine broke through the clouds. Racers from all over the state and beyond came together to see how fast they could skin up and ski down the 2,300 vertical feet of steep terrain tucked away in a valley just 45 minutes from Seattle. The Pro racers had the special pleasure of climbing two laps for a total of 4,100 vertical feet.

Snow Trooper athlete Andrew Eckels opted to film this year instead of racing and got some great shots of local adventurers testing the limits of their physical capacities. Overall it was a great race with Alpental locals dominating the podium! Snow Trooper Athlete Jacob Mandell who has been boarding Alpental since he was in elementary school took first for the splitboard division! Congrats Jacob!

Pro Men (2 Laps) results:
1. Allen Taylor 1:24:36
2. Gary Robbins 1:26:50
3. Caleb Ambrose 1:27:38

Pro Women (2 laps)
1. Holly Davis 1:43:15
2. Katrina Kuba 1:49:04
3. Heather Kern 1:58:34

Recreational Men (1 Lap)
1. Mike McCarthy 1:00:50
2. Michael Haugen 1:02:24
3. Dylan Seubert 1:05:00

Recreational Women (1 Lap)
1. Robin Pendery 1:14:00
2. Becca Cahall 1:14:34
3. Hannah Besso 1:18:28

Splitboard (1 Lap)
1. Jacob Mandell 1:07:51
2 Frank Huster 1:16:51
3 Steve Nagode 1:16:59

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