Jeff Rich doing what he does (best), photo credit Jameson Florence

Jeff Rich has pretty much occupied the Stevens Pass parking lot the entire month of December, coming home only for a Christmas gathering, do some laundry 😉 and restock on food. Then he was back at what he does best, getting after the goods the Cascades bring us more often than not. If you follow the site, you know that even on a bad year in the Cascades, Jeff Rich, finds and slays epic powder! However, this season his hard work from last year has paid off, by not leaving his home stomping grounds. This is a compilation video of some fantastic skiing he and a bunch of other friends captured this past DUMPcember, so be sure to check it out! Photo above was captured by our bro Jameson Florence. To see more photos and keep up with our daily fun, visit our fb site HERE.

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