Below is the 2015 White Pass Ski Area Winter Carnival edit of our weekend spent there last season on 2/28 and 3/1. What a blast all of us had, charging the perfect corduroy and “boot top” cold pow we found in their bc, BOTH days. Due to the incredible lack of snow on our home pass (Snoqualmie), it was no wonder to have run into so many Alpental skiers, getting a fix too. That isn’t what surprised me though, it was how many of the Snoqualmie Pass locs had never skied White Pass, well this is what ever single person had mentioned (in some way or another), “This place rocks! The people are so friendly and down to earth, and the “earth” they have to ski in and out of bounds is LEGIT!” If you have never been to White Pass, you owe it to yourselves to put it on the hit list, then I’m sure you will be itching to go back (just like I am, right now).

I’d also like to mentioned, the White Pass Village Inn has great loft rooms with kitchens to make for a cheap trip with the crew. However, as we found out, coming in from the Eastside on Hwy 12, all the grocery stores on the way, don’t open until 7AM.

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  1. March 10, 2015

    Nice video for skiing in White Pass. Thanks for sharing these info.

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