Jade Lake as seen 7/23/15

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (of 5) Trail run to Jade Lake, WA. First I need to mention there are two Jade Lakes in the Alpine Lakes of Washington (one is located in the Necklace Valley and the other which this post refers to is at the base of Mt. Daniel’s North face). To access this adventure, head for Roslyn, WA and head toward Lake Cle Elum, which will lead you to the Cle Elum Valley Rd. Once on Cle Elum Valley Rd., take it to the very end (driving past Tucquala Lake aka Fish Lake). At the road’s end you first two trail heads (TH), one for the Tucquala Meadows/Cathedral Rock access and the one you’ll want to take, the “Hyas Lake/Deception Pass TH” (trail #1376). This run will be apx. 22 miles round trip, so if you are doing a day hike be sure to get a super early start.


The run starts out with a rare Cascade 3+ mile almost totally flat warm up, which rolls by a beautiful meadow, Hyas Lake before an easy grade of switchbacks that leads to Deception Pass (5 mile point). I ran most of the grade as the weather was perfect, taking a short 5 minute break to eat and hydrate. At Deception Pass trail junction, you will see a sign for Marmot Lake that veers off to the left(trail #1066). The trail rolls nice and mostly flat for 10 minutes or so, with some small uphill grades, before you descend into a beautiful basin, 1.5 miles past Deception Pass, where Hozzbizz Lake sits (you can’t see the small lake from the trail, but I hit it on the way back with a small side track of 15 minutes max). As you pass Hozzbizz Lake you will start to climb out of the basin with an easy grade of switchbacks that becomes a super long traverse of just over 2 miles (the grade is a perfect slight uphill grade- making me think the trail builders for this one were on the “A” team). 2.3 Miles past Hozzbizz Lake basin you will come upon another junction for Marmot Lake (to left) or straight to Lake Clarice. Take the left trail to start climbing, again, perfect switchbacks for .7 of a mile which will lead you to the NE shore of Marmot Lake.


Marmot Lake as seen 7/23/15

Marmot Lake as seen 7/23/15


Once at Marmot Lake, look for the most beaten down trail that heads to the left/South. After skirting the lake for apx .5 of a mile, you will come upon a somewhat steep talus field/drainage that leads up to No Name Lake.


Marmot Lake as seen 7/23/15

No Name Lake as seen 7/23/15


The talus scramble (which is roughly .3 miles, has a fair amount of kairns (maybe too many as some lead you to the center of the talus field), as you climb the main scramble trail works to the climbers’ left for the most part. Once topping the talus, the trail becomes a beautiful heather/huck easy grade (for apx another .3 of a mile), rolling to the right of No Name Lake and gaining a little vert leading to the first epic view of Jade Lake (which sits below Mt. Daniel’s Little Lynch Glacier).


Marmot Lake as seen 7/23/15

Jade Lake and the Little Lynch Glacier as seen 7/23/15


The grade down to Jade Lake is an easy run, which will provide for an epic destination/lunch break! Usually on my long trail runs, break at my turnaround point for no longer than 15 minutes, however at this EPIC lake I found myself hanging out for at least 45 minutes, if not more. Being a skier and not an ultra trail runner, my time from the TH to Jade Lake was apx 4 hrs and the return was around 3.5 hours. Stoked to have made it here finally, and can’t wait to get back… Maybe next time will be for a few nights 😉


Marmot Lake as seen 7/23/15

Break time at Jade Lake, as seen 7/23/15

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