Alright, here’s a very special post to me, that I’ve thought about probably a little too long. So here it is, first, most people know me as just a guy who loves skiing/friends more than most things in life. A lot of Alpental locs know my dad, Neil Tietjen, the same way. However, I do need to express how hard it was for me not to sound off about Ferguson, MO, but what I will say is, I was raised by a PEACE officer that would put his life (and has many times) on the line for you in order to protect and serve. I also have been heavily influenced by the close peace office friends of my father. The kind of cops that pull you over for a traffic violation (which he & they were uniform officers in the early days), that you know you were guilty of committing 🙂 , and with proper RESPECT (this video link Steve Harvey interviews Michael Brown’s mother and at 9:00 into the video he tells how he taught his boys to RESPECT peace officers, I was taught by my father exactly how to act in this situation. This came after the earlier days of teaching me not to touch the electric outlets or pet rattlesnakes 😉 ), BINGO, you get a warning and gained a friend that WE put their to protect us. OK, enough of that, now on to the real awesome father, protector, and now die hard skier (who is having a tough time this year just like all of us NW skiers). I grew up with the coolest dad ever, however, in school I wasn’t allow to share one of those many cool things about dad. Well those days have long since past, and having seen and snuck my closest friends a peek of his super detailed scrap book he put together many years ago, I started asking dad to write his stories down to share with the world. I wasn’t an easy thing to do, as my dad did not want to write a book for a bunch of reasons, and not because of the time involved. Well, lucky for me, he is one of the biggest supporters of The Snow Troopers and a couple years back, I spent some time over Northern Idaho skiing the Cabinets and Selkirks (doing it all based out of his pad and pizzeria), where I got a lot of chances to pitch writing the book. Next thing, I’m back home in WA and get a call from mom, telling me he has been in his office every morning writing!?!? Almost 600 pages later of hunting and pecking a keyboard (I told mom, never tell him of the audio software she could have let him know was on his computer, shortening his time in the office 😉 – my family is a bunch of jokesters and we laugh very HARD when together), his book “Old School Narc” was completed! It made me tear up to receive the news. So that being said, please help support The Snow Troopers by purchasing and reading about the BIGGEST supporter of The Snow Troopers, my dad, Neil Tietjen… A real badass that always “Lives to Ski Another Day”.


Here a look at the back cover and press release & and most of all the AMAZON LINK:




Retired 34 year law enforcement veteran Neil Tietjen has written a first-person account of his harrowing experiences as an undercover narcotics agent with the Tucson Police Department and Arizona Narcotics Strike Force. “Old School Narc” details the escapades of Tietjen and his fellow agents as they pioneered undercover narcotics investigations from the back alleys of Tucson, AZ across the vast, dangerous and inhospitable areas along the U.S./Mexican border.

Tucson, AZ – In the 1970’s, while Neil Tietjen was serving as a Tucson Police officer, Arizona’s location on the international border to Mexico earned it the dubious distinction of being the #1 drug import capital of the United States. In an effort to eradicate the flow of illicit drugs into the country while eliminating the crimes and violence accompanying them, a select group of agents chosen from various statewide law enforcement agencies were brought together to form an elite Narcotics Strike Force that was the first of its kind in the nation.

Tietjen, a native New Yorker and Marine Corps veteran who had served in the Viet Nam War, was one of the initial agents chosen for assignment to the new interagency Narcotics Strike Force. In “Old School Narc”, Tietjen chronicles in pulse-pounding, heart-wrenching detail how he and his fellow agents covertly infiltrated the southern Arizona drug culture and successfully conducted undercover drug investigations throughout both urban and wilderness landscapes without their true identities ever being uncovered.

In that pre-internet, pre-cellphone and pre-law enforcement technology era, Narcotics Strike Force agents investigated and pursued their prey, ‘Old School’; succeeding in their missions and staying alive with little more than their wits, disguises, guns, and massive amounts of tenacity and courage.

“Old School Narc” provides an insider’s view of what it was like for Tietjen to live and work behind the badge; leading parallel lives among heinous drug traffickers to whom violence and death were simply the tools of their trade, while never sacrificing his humanity, integrity or sense of humor in the process.

“Old School Narc” can be purchased on Amazon.com and through the University of Arizona Bookstore. The author is available for interviews and speaking engagements upon request. “Old School Narc” can also be followed on Facebook.

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  1. April 17, 2016


    Went to high school in NY with your Dad. All these years later I learn of his stellar career and his book. Bought it right away and am engrossed in his many memories. Remembering him as a really nice guy back then, it does not surprise me that he is an awesome dad and instilled respect and you while you were growing up. So glad that he survived all of the violence he experienced and is enjoying his retirement.

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