This past Sunday (5/10/15), I was going to meet up with the gang around 7:30 AM here on Snoqualmie Pass to roll for the Teanaway to find the last of the easy access, good corn. Well, at 7:30 Jeff Rich called me from my parking lot, to mention they were rolling back to North Bend to look for 4 pair of skis that flew off the ski rack on I-90. Long story short (minus all of the puking feelings, from everyone, including myself and they weren’t even my boards, but have been there before), half the crew called it a day as Carl Simpson and Jeff Rich rolled back to the city to rally some more boards. As you will see in the video below they found some in Jeff’s garage, however they only found one for Carl to go with the one and only good ski they found on the freeway. Crazy day, and I can’t believe we actually got into the Teanaway and ski a BIG day. Live to ski another day, and if you here of some skis found on the freeway recently, please give a shout out! Oh yeah, and the two growlers from Dru Bru sure capped off the wild first half and awesome second half of the day!

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