This past Wednesday (3/18/15) Jerad Merbs and I headed up into the “Know Snow Wonderland” where everything seems to be relative as far as an approach for skiing. Whether it’s a drive to the closet volcano, or spinning chair lift, Jerad and I would have to put the time in some way or another to get to “skins on” mode. We chose the shorter drive, which gives a bigger/steep/longer approach to the snow, but we are at home in the mountains 🙂 . We were blessed with some sweet views of Mt. Stuart, but socked in all around us, on a skiable crust for our first 500 feet or so, then a wall of “fly paper” let you know the crust became breakable and very testy on the ski skills. What a great day in the hills!


Below is a short vid of our very foggy day this past Wed.

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