Well, the March lion was a little late to the Cascades this year, and due to his delay, all efforts were focused on the higher zones. This past Tuesday (3/24/15) we woke up to a fairly low snow level (however, above Snoqualmie Pass), allowing us to access the powder pretty quickly, but with a good amount of effort. After day one, skiing the Snoqualmie Pass area from apx 4,500′ to 5,500′ and a wet snow/muddy steep trail out, I decided to break out my Townsend Design knee brace,  width= for my “good” ACL to ease on the mind and add support for the rando boots while in slick, scramble mode. For those of you that know me, you’ve seen the BRACE throughout the years, always on, as I have only skied one lap EVER with out my brace & it felt like a wet noodle, knowing with one bad tweak, it will be all over (unless I go in for reconstructive surgery – which I have though of for a bit, years ago, but never wanted to go through the down time of 6 to 12 months or more). Now I roll with one for the “bad” ACL and break out the brace for the “good” ACL on days with “testy” ski conditions.

Below is a recap of the three recent days (3/22, 24 & 25/2015) all edited together with music from my bro Soulfuli (please note: EXPLICIT lyrics)… This edit took me a few more days than I expected, receiving some really good news this past Friday (that put my focus elsewhere), on a day which happened to also be the 27th year (to the day) since I lost my best friend, Mike Mosman, to a drunk driver that hit / killed him while trainning for the “Tour de Tucson”, and the 6th year since we all lost Shane McConkey. Yesterday, was the day to wrap up this edit, and just shortly before I was to dive into it, I learned of the horrible news, that a local, born and raised (at Hyak, WA), friend earlier that day lost her life on a frontage road we all drive, bike, walk or run, multiple times a day!?! My heart sunk when I learned this news! It seems like just a short moment ago, that I was swinging into her party this past Tuesday, to give her a hug and say, “Happy Birthday.” I expected to be pitching horse shoes this week at the newly built pits at the Aardvark Express (which she had her eyes on, as we played our very first game this past Friday night). We will miss you, Sarrah Powers, but never forget you. RIP, sweet friend.

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