This April Fools’ Day (2015), was a memorable one for sure, not only for the great POW we found up in the higher elevations above Snoqualmie Pass, but all of the pre/post-powder antics. This adventure started with a call from Adam Roberts (Mt. Baker loc), giving a shout just prior to April 1st, right after a weather update. The report was for a Winter storm convergence zone, that would end up at our parking lot. We set out the morning of the 1st (for 1 one of 2), with Jerad Merbs, Goods Woods, Steve Griffith, Frank Sosa, and Adam Roberts. Having a little too much fun on the road in to the TH, we had a little low speed mishap, after hitting a patch of ice (hidden beneth the blower pow), which sucked us off the road. In the video, the truck looks to be sitting fine, however we had to build up the road on the downhill side to prevent the truck from flipping down into the 20′ deep draw. A solid 3 hours after our departure from the Hyak parking lot, we were back on the road, heading once again, towards the TH (which we ended up a half mile shy, because the snow became too deep). Overall we had an excellent time for the entire two huge days (minus the stuck truck, which was a pretty cool team work effort to get it out and driving down the road). Live to ski another day, and don’t try to drive into our powder stash! 😉



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