width= My bro Jerad Merbs and I headed up to take another look at Silver Peak, this past Saturday (2/21/15), after the 3 to 4 inches new of snow that came through, landing up there recently. We met at the parking lot below, the almost totally bare slopes, of Summit East (which, on a side note, I ran to the summit 2 days ago on dirt, the entire way!?!). Jumped in Jerad’s jeep and we’re able to get to windy pass easily (saw an outback up there too, and I’m sure with some work we could have made it further, but decided to skin up the road from there). I think now, we could drive all the way up to the fire pit. Also note, the road is the only access, as the normal route from Windy Pass (along the timber line) is snow free and too THICK.


above: Kendall Peaks/Pacific Crest Trail as seen from Silver Peak

below: Short Central Cascades conditions video from 2,600′ to apx 5,000′


Anyway, we got up there to check out the NE bowl thinking it might give us a good “top to bottom run”, even if it was in the chill terrain. Didn’t happen, as you will see the waterfall is wiped out and having seen the lower part of “chute TNT” also wiped out, we decided to ski back out the NW bowl on the rock peppered cruiser slopes. Good to get out, but bummed to now be forced into the Alpine Wilderness to find some BIGGER terrain and deeper snow.


Looking North into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness



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