Jeff Rich was given a shout by Jason Hummel this past week (3/7- 3/9/15) for, what our good friend Martin Volken dubbed back in the Summer of ’98, “The Forbidden Tour“. Jeff was stoked to join Jason, Andy Traslin and his brother Mike Traslin. A couple of super funny and very strong Canadians that always make for a great time! As you will see in the video below, Jeff put together, they hit the weather perfectly. Enjoy the video and stayed tuned for some of Jason Hummel’s photos that he captured of their “2015 Forbidden Tour”.



On a side note, if this is something that might interest you, already having spent a fair amount of time ski mountaineering, but maybe a little big for you and your crew, I’d highly recommend giving Martin Volken’s Pro Guiding Service a call. They offer so many amazing trips and courses though out the year, there is certainly something to fit every Snow Trooper out there!

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