Here’s a BIG day Adam Roberts and Tim Black spent on Mt. Shuksan’s White Salmon Glacier (via the Arm), from just 2 dayz ago (3/18/15). As you will see in the video below, the last storm that rolled over the PNW, mostly as rain, did actually provide some great “bottomless feeling” powder skiing in the higher zones (above the Cascade ski lifts). Our ski areas might be taking the beating of a decade right now, but there is still great skiing in them thar hills of “White Gold”, that is if you’re up for a beautiful walk in the mountains, FIRST (or call North Cascade Heli – for a lift to the “GAME ON GOODS”! But always remember, LIVE TO SKI ANOTHER DAY, and if you are heading up to the Mt. Baker zone, be sure to stop in and see our friends at the Glacier Ski Shop (especially if you forgot and need to rent/buy something to make the trip happen).

photo – Tim Black skinning the Shuksan Arm, photo and video credit/ Adam Roberts

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