It’s gonna be a tough year to link up the year round skiing here in the PNW, as we have said goodbye to the skiing on Snoqualmie Pass in late April. Our 2014 Solstice gathering happened at our Silver Peak stomping grounds with almost 40 other skiers, this year the choice was to head up on the North side of Rainier to get some skiing in on the Russell and Flett Glaciers. A handful of us would make the trek into the park via the Mowich Lake entrance, with the goal of an epic sunset and some smooth skiing. Well, the sunset didn’t disappoint (as usual) but the skiing wasn’t very good, except on the steep aspects. All in all it was another great trip with great friends (even if it took a bit to connect with everyone). This is an epic day hike, if you have never been, which I highly recommend. Head for Observation and/or Echo Rocks which is roughly a 13 mile round trip.


Below is a video of our little adventure this past June 21, 2015. photo credit above / Adam Roberts

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