width=Yesterday, the gang met up for a late start to get some July skiing in on Mt. Rainier (out of the Paradise parking lot). Where we were all pleasantly surprised on the awesome cool breeze (all day), no bugs, and fantastic corn. As we skied the steeps, in the Simpson stash, we all kept wondering if it were better than our June ski (in the same area). Not stoked for the massive receding of the glaciers (for what ever the excuse people are arguing about in the media), but it is sure happening right in front of our monthly visiting eyeballs. That being said, we all felt blessed yesterday as we shralped some amazing July corn. Below is look back to our June 16, 2015 ski day which was quite similar (minus the epic breeze), with Adam Roberts, Tara and Carl Simpson, along with myself. Good times and fun edit and pic above (skier/TNT) provided by Carl Simpson!

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