width=Our most recent trip up to Mt. Rainier in search of a little Paradise, was very rewarding in a number of ways. 1st, just to get out with some of the finest people, one could know, in a mountain setting is hard to beat. Especially when the weather turned out to be perfect, without any bugs or heat to mention. 2nd, when it’s following a terrible snow year, as the PNW saw this winter of ’14-’15, and the corn snow skiing far exceeded all of our expectations. Third, but I could keep going more great reasons, the day was capped off with a perfect swimming tarn and some of the finest mountain beer known to man, Dru Bru! Perfect August like ski day, that actually took place this July 6th, 2015! We all hope our August turns will give us some of the same soft perfect suncups (that Silas dubbed “A cups”, which is now the new alphabetical size rating system for those late season sun cups, this new rating system can only make me think of the terrifying, frozen bombshell “DD sun cups” Adam and I found at midnight on the Westside of Rainier last month)!


Below is our day all wrapped up in a short vid… Pic above credited to me 🙂 TNT

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