Marmot hanging by the trail getting lots of attention from all of the tourist, Superstar! Photo credit / TNT - 9/12/2015

Last Saturday (9/12/15) Sting, Adam Roberts and myself all loaded up to head for the Paradise parking lot in the Mount Rainier National Park, in hopes of finding some of the prior storms snow remaining. Well, as we came out of Stevens canyon and got our first glance of Rainier, we were instantly bummed, to see almost all brown (dirty glaciers) in the zone we were shooting for that day. But, it always great to be in the mountains, was what I was saying, on lucky #13 years of month to month skiing for me!?! The weather was excellent and the first 40 or so ski turns were fun and mellow, but that lucky # 13 got me! As we hit the dirty glacial ice (which you will see in the vid below), I was in survival ski mode but ended up hitting a patch of mud that stopped my skis and I piled drove my shoulder into the ice! Bam!! As I sit here typing this post, I’m thinking about my bros who are driving up to Paradise right now, to get the 6 to 10 inches (I’m guessing) that sits up in the Camp Muir zone. I could have gone, but with the shoulder still swollen and throbbing, I felt the risk of another weird fall too high. Live to Ski Another Day, and I wonder about that damn number 13 (maybe I should have thought 156 months)!

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