The mini Trooper dog van after the pre-opening storm

Mother nature was playing some tricks on the Summit at Snoqualmie, for the week leading up to Christmas. First, she got the folks East and West of the Cascade Crest excited with a huge snow system that gave us more than 1/4 of our annual snowfall in a week, but then put a damper on things with an almost week long power outage that was made worse with off and on full day I-90 pass closures!!! With no power, the Summit at Snoqualmie was forced to run limited ops on back up power, but the stoke was still high (and the locs are pretty hardy, making due with candle light and wood stoves). Christmas came and went, in the dark, and the power company set a time for it to be restored around 10PM on the 26th. Well, they surprised us, getting all of the trees removed (that had fallen on the lines) and breaks fixed by late evening on Christmas. The call was made by the management, to all of the staff for a full ops day on the 26th. This was the best news I’d heard in a week, and finally we would get to ride a lift ski in/out the door of our Snow Trooper head quarters at Summit East ski area (dubbed by me as the BIGGEST little 1,000′ mountain in the USA). The Summit at Snoqualmie team really got after it opening day, from plowing the 120+ inches of snowfall early morning, clearing all of the chairlifts of 4+ feet of snow which sat on them, and loading the public for some really fun skiing! I spent most of the day riding with great ski family members, Jerad Merbs, Karter Riach, Andy Cantor and Skip! Thanks guys for the great day, spent the Hyak way!

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