Well, not much to say after last night’s first, epic, low coverage, bottomless ski of the season… Except, CRAP! As soon as I finished my powder play last night here at Summit East, the frozen rain began, and it was followed by more than 5 inches of rain? Take a look at what was going on in the Cascades (North and South of Snoqualmie Pass) to the tops of every ski lift.



As I experienced this wild weather today, I couldn’t help but have a flash back to the avalanche of 2009, that took place here at Hyak. It wiped out our main chair lift and a house along with it, stopping 150 yards above our home base. Along with wild/scary memories, I can’t help to think of another that took place that day. Chris ‘Tar and our beloved Ryan Graham (with the help of their inter-tube sponsor, Polo ;-) ) took advantage of the rare conditions, and had a tubing sesh down Yellowstone Rd., Jan 9th, 2009. All captured by Josh Becker!


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