width=Quite a different Fourth of July this year of 2015, wild fires around the state (which seem to be mostly under control), super hot heat wave blasting the PNW, a year with almost NO low elevation snow (to speak of- giving us views of the high alpine lakes as seen in left pic… Lake Lillian as seen a few days ago), and yesterday on my trail run from Hyak to Snoqualmie Pass (via Rockdale and the PCT) I noticed the trails are very overgrown making it hard to see your next step on the talus). The big talk today, for most in the PNW is the threat of fire due to wild fireworks, so that being said I’d like to share up last year’s Hyak fireworks display which follows a short hansSOLO ski into the front yard (which shows how much snow we should have right now in the Cascades. Also, like to give a BIG birthday shout out to my son Trevor (my fourth of July buddy who’s initials are also TNT, but seem to fit him better!!!

My thoughts last year as I watched the fireworks from the Rampart Ridge zone… “O’er the ramparts we watch’d were so gallantly streaming, and the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air”, gave proof that all my Hyak friends were down there… Below “Rampart Ridge”. Live to FREEdomski another day!



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