Adam Roberts stayed in his Hwy 542 home zone this past weekend for his ski fix. Hooking up w/ Glacier Ski Shop’s, John Adams, to join him for what I’ve only heard from lots of other rippers. Snow Boating! But first a little back story, a bunch of years ago my good friend Dale Boehm and myself met John, who after a long chat, gave us a little local info, then I was lucky enough to capture some vid of his badass tele turns off of Grouse Ridge. I can only image what this “Snow Boating” looks like in waist deep powder. John is truly a real skier, having spent time talking to him in the backcountry, and at his “real skier” ski shop called “Glaicer Ski Shop”. They can help all snow lovers with gear from easy days on the Mt. Baker lifts, or the gear needed for the burly descents off Shuksan and Baker. Live to ski another day, CHECK the vid, and most of all stop in and see John next time you are rolling through Glacier, WA.


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One Response to “Glacier, WA – Paddling Larrabee w/ John”

  1. March 13, 2015

    Holy John shreds!
    He almost makes me desire to make fewer paramarking turns.
    First time back since you guys went with Drew in 2010?

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