I really like this video Jason Hummel (of Alpine State of Mind ) put together of a recent trip into the Cle Elum Valley, to circumnavigate Mt. Daniel. Jeff Rich was the other modern day cowboy that would make the journey this past Saturday and Sunday (5/30 & 5/31/2015). The video is epic and you know the trip must have been amazing, I am stoked Jason took the time to put the vid together… So cool to see his stunning photography” come to life! Below are a few words from Jason in regards to the trip, along with his vid.


A two day trip skiing around Mt. Daniel. Approx 11-12k vert gain and 22-25 miles. Skied to Peggy’s Pond, Circle Lake, Venus Lake, to the summit of Hinman, to Foss Lakes, Peak Soup Lake, up the Lynch Glacier, then down the Hyas Glacier, back to Peggy’s Pond.


photo and video credits / Jason Hummel (check out more of his amazing work @ Alpine State of Mind and be sure to follow him on facebook )

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