width=Just saw this really cool MX video below, that brought me back to a different time in my life. First of all, the video featuring Red Bull athlete, Robbie Maddison, is off the hook. He pulls off some cool stunts using a dessert plane bone yard which is really what caught my eye, having been a 5 day a week MX desert rat back in the 80’s and early 90’s. However, it’s not only the desert MX plane “props” riding that has me sharing this video today, it is MAINLY the location. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, My Grandpa Frascella was the supervisor for the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base “Air Plane Grave Yard”. This place was AMAZING, and I am not sure how he was able to take me out there as a child, but he did, always before our main target of the day, “DM AFB bowling alley action”. Out in the true grave yard we would drive for miles and miles past perfectly lined up fighter jets, cargo planes, B52s, B29s and so on… Thousands and thousands of planes! Even though, this vid wasn’t actually shot on the base, it was very close and still has a similar feel. As soon as I clicked play on the video, I knew it’s location and thought it was a really cool idea for a video shoot. I grew up North of Tucson, at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains (seen in the thumbnail above). Super cool mountain that rises over 7,000 feet above the desert floor. The 9,159′ Mt. Lemmon, not only provides as a great Summer escape from the heat for the local desert dwellers but also provides for a small ski area up on the very top, known as Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley. The small ski area is located in what’s left of the Aspen, Ponderosa and Arizona pines stands, after a jackass flicked a lit cigarette on his June 17, 2003 nature walk, which ended up tourching over 84,000 acres (basically the entire mountain burned down with almost all the homes too). A little Mt. Lemmon side note: I was speaking with Glen Plake a few years back about the Lemmon, and was blown away when he mentioned having skied there years ago, and proved it by recalling the terrain with in moments / almost perfectly naming the steepest run found off of the most Southern ski chair lift in the Continental United States. Anyway, not may people know that I traded the 5 day a week dirt bike life back in the early 90’s for the ski life that later lead to my current year round alpine touring life, which I have found gives me a far greater feeling of FREEDOM! Live to ski another day!

Wild to find out watching the “behind the scenes” below, that Robbie dislocated his shoulder at the beginning of the shoot.

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