width=Last Saturday (3/22/14), The Summit at Snoqualmie held their second annual pond skim event, dubbed “Spring Splash”. Just like last year, the pond skim brought out droves of spectators taunting the skimmers to go faster for the big SPRING SPLASH! I wanted to give a shout out to the “Events Crew” for the cool “stadium style” venue they whipped out ( I say whipped out but having seen what it takes to push snow and put something together like this event, “whipped out” is quite the understatement). Also, a big Shout OUT for the brave little pond skimmers on 50mm underfoot skis and tiny snowboards, and our good friends the “T-Bagging Bandits” for rocking the slopes and plaza.

Below is a short edit, I put together capturing a little of the day of fun… Check it!

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