width= Finally put together an edit of the Silver Peak Solstice (June 21st) and the Trooper Dog Memorial Pond Skim (June 22nd). The weather was excellent and the company was even better, starting around noon on Saturday and all saying our “goodbyes ’til next time” around 6PM Sunday night. My guess is about 40 skiers total, showed up for the Solstice gathering (counting 29 peeps, including myself, as the sun was getting ready to set), and Sunday there were 10 of us hanging out at Lake Lillian. Super fun weekend and already looking forward to next year’s gatherings (however, next year the Trooper Dog Memorial Pond Skim will go down the first full weekend “day” of Summer; Saturday, June 27th, 2015… Be there! On a side note, the Solstice was a special day in my life this year as I said goodbye to the best friend I have ever known (Trooper Dog) and met a new one in Ben Starkey (Super cool cat, that my boy Trooper dog went right to as I released him at Sunset). You can see it in the video below, as Jeff Rich shouts out, ” He’s going for the CHUTE!” Trooper dog always had a nose for a badass, he wouldn’t let just anyone into his ski circle (after meeting Ben now, Troop would have liked him right away, as I would like to think his spirt was showing me 🙂 ). Thanks so much to everyone that shared that moment with me. Live to ski another day, TNT.
above photo credit / Melissa Park – skiers / TNT and Trooper dog’s last run.

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  1. June 18, 2015

    […] This is a look at last year’s trip up to the Russell Glacier, where Adam Roberts and I had a different goal rather that all of the R & R that took place. This is an epic zone, for amazing views. If you aren’t a year round skiier, I still highly recommend doing this hike from Mowich Lake campground to Spray Park (and beyond), you won’t be disappointed! I originally pulled this video down because of a typo, and never got around to the re-edit, so see if you can find the mistake Live to Ski Another Day, and bring on the Summer Solstice! […]

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