width= I you are close to the Central Cascade Crest this Friday night (6/27/14) and want to check out some kick ass hellbilly style music, then head for The Bindlestick. Please take note of a couple of things. First, The Bindlestick is located in the town of Snoqualmie which is just off the Western Cascade slopes (30 mins off the mountain from Snoqualmie Pass). Second, I wanted to mention, using the term “Hellbilly” style music, or I guess you could it “Cow punk” for the most part (due to the fast high energy output of most tracks), but to me, the “T-Bagging Bandits“, are mountain friends that shred the Cascades on boards by day and with instruments by night… Playing that sweet “mountain music”, when they aren’t riding the Cascade POW. BTW, (to me) their music is more country than most anything ever heard on today’s pop country radio!!! It’s surely no wonder why I really like backing our videos with their tracks, music is life and the T-Baggers’ reflect on our mountain lives (especially right here in the Cascades). Thanks guys for the great times in the past and the epic times to come!

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