width= Beautiful overnight trip Andrew Eckels took up to the Sisters Range (the sweet massive twin peaks you might have noticed off to the far right while rolling towards Mt. Baker ski area, from Bellingham). Sounds like a little work to get into the zone, but as you will see for yourselves the reward is MASSIVE! Below are some notes from Andrew, along with his edit of their March 23rd and 24th adventure.

On March 23rd, my friend James and I set out for an adventure in the mountains closest to our homes in Bellingham: The Twin Sister Range. We knew the road was blocked by rockfall before our desired trailhead so we brought mountain bikes and began the trip with a 6 mile 1000 vert ride into the wilderness. With sore butts we crossed the Nooksack on a precarious log and began our walk up a trail through beautiful old growth stands. Once at base camp we enjoyed a short sunset pow lap before resting up for the summit day. Our progress was slowed by incredible views and we opted to linger at the top of a windless col instead of skiing an extra lap. On the descent we were treated to fantastic stable pow and awesome rolling terrain. For the retreat we opted to take the high route out and enjoyed new views and more powder making for an incredible day of skiing in solitude. The approach to ski ratio was low for the trip, but I find myself ansy to return to this wild mountain range!

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