width= Here’s a last minute choice to head down to Mt. Rainer and meet up with a handful of friends along with a grip of PNW ski/skinners in the Paradise parking lot this past Saturday (11/8/14). WOW, as we pulled into the Paradise parking lot, that seemed to be already half full around 8:30 (or so), all you saw were skis and packs on the ground behind every rig (wish I would have taken a pic). We fell in line, put packs and skis on the ground too, said a few hellos, then up the hill we went. Jeff Rich, Zack Jessel and James Fletcher charged up to Camp Muir under 2hr30min, so I opted to swing climbers left to get a shot of them, then join for the main target, the Nisqually Chute(s). The skiing on Muir was really fun, but the perfectly cooked corn that we chowed down the Nisqually Chute was by far the best. Below is a rough video and edit of Saturday’s walk in the park that Jeff Rich and I put together.

On a side note it is always fun to meet new friends within our mountain family that is really quite small. This happens almost every time out to a popular zone, like yesterday when we parked next to the “Two Katies” (as Silas has dubbed them). We were commenting on one of the “Katie’s” sweet downhill/rando boots 😉 , I asked if she raced. No, was the reply but her husband is a racer. I asked his name, and it turns out I was talking to one of Stings long time World Cup friend’s wife, Katie Macartney. Katie’s husband is local Crystal ripper, Scott Macartney, who happens to also be a 2 time Olympian, 12 year speed skier for Team U.S.A, and even 3 time Arctic Man champ, yeah you can say he likes to go real fast. Katie had mentioned Scott was already on the snow down at Copper, passing along some of his “World Class” knowledge. Hope we can catch him out one of these days… Just like Saturday’s slopes that were perfectly groomed by mother nature!


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