width= This past Sept. 21st was a special day for a small group of Snow Troopers, as we all linked up another year of skiing. It was a beautiful day that was mostly spent at 1/2 to 3/4 speed and had a main focus of just celebrating life with friends/loved ones. A couple in our group linked up 72 months, another linked the first 12 months and I hit 132 months (but we didn’t do it on the upper Muir Snowfield as you will sadly see in the video below that Carl Simpson and myself put together – Sting, snapped the shot above of our cute little buddy). I had intended to post this video up yesterday but didn’t, due to the tragic news of two South American big mountain incidents that took the lives of JP Auclair, Andreas Fransson and Liz Daley (who was a local Puget Sound BIG mountain shedder loved by so many here locally and world wide). Even though I was never blessed to spend time with any of our lost mountain family members, I still knew them very well. My thoughts and prayers for all of them, their families and my many many friends who are hurting. R.I.P.

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