width= This past Monday was my first outing with Wenatchee native, Mike Rolfs. I have been wanting to get out with him for quite sometime now, as I have shared many of his Eastside powder dayz videos in the past, along with a little year round madness too. 😉 Yeah, Mike is one of those crazy year round skier guys too! What was really cool to me about this August adventure, was it would take place no too many miles from the home base (as the crow flies). The Cathedral Lake TH is the starting point, which is located almost 1.5 hours past Roslyn. Now for my title of this special trip, “A Walk for Walker”, was chosen because Mike and I almost didn’t make this trip due to the passing of his FINE 15 year old pup, Walker. Mike had called me Saturday with the news, asking for a rain check, but after one day at home, Mike hit me back wanting to get out. I was so stoked, having been through this myself not too long ago, and knowing how much better I felt after a day doing what the pup would want to be doing too. Beautiful day, it was indeed. R.I.P. Walker dog.
Video of the day below (with one typo I just discovered… reloading now, to fix tonight after a HUGE day in the mountains).

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  1. November 18, 2014


    sweet vid report!

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